A range of highly flexible services optimized for communication with constellations of small satellites in low Earth orbits

The new generation of small satellites and large constellations requires increased flexibility and exceptional availability coupled with cost-efficient operations. SSC Infinity meets these needs by leveraging technology to provide reliable, accessible and automated ground network services.

With ground stations at strategic locations around the globe, we can provide unmatched coverage that allows frequent satellite contacts for Telemetry, Command and data download with low latency data recovery. The service offers web-based and API customer interfaces for pass scheduling and is based on full motion antennas in the five meter or smaller class.

Standard Configurations

SSC Infinity makes use of standard configurations and standardized ground system hardware. By limiting the number of mission configurations and utilizing pre-qualified radios, we have eliminated most of the costs associated with the pre-mission configuration.

Our dynamic operational concept provides a high level of automation that enables rapid rescheduling within the whole ground network. This results in a high level of resistance to failures due to single station outages and provides high performance on a network level if required by the customer application.

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