Data Handling and Processing

Well established services and experienced personnel

SSC provides well established, highly reliable and cost-effective solutions for data handling and processing services for different customer needs. SSC operates in a flexible multi-mission environment well suited to implement new missions and activities. SSC’s multi-mission services are operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, including the provisioning of high-speed terrestrial communications to the customer-specified location.


Data handling

SSC has a long history of data handling ranging back to 1972 on the initial Landsat missions. This experience has resulted in SSC supporting different customers for both Swedish and global missions, including ESA’s SMOS mission. The data handling services are performed from our Mission Control Center at Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden. Our operators and engineers are well experience in providing data handling services for a wide variety of missions and applications.

Data processing

SSC offers various solutions for processing operations in a multi-mission environment. These services can be tailored for specific operations and can also be easily implemented into SSC’s data processing facilities. We have many years of experience in configuring and operating data processing services for missions such as Landsat, ENVISAT, ERS, and CryoSat-2.

This capability complements the extensive data downlink capacities at our Esrange Satellite Station and can be expanded to our global ground station facilities.

The new generation of small satellites and large constellations requires increased flexibility and exceptional availability coupled with cost-efficient operations. SSC Infinity meets these needs by leveraging technology to provide reliable, accessible and automated ground network services

On-Orbit Services

SSC provides highly reliable and cost-effective services for on-orbit missions from an unparalleled network of worldwide locations. SSC's global network of ground stations was designed specifically to provide comprehensive communications and ground support to Earth-orbiting satellites.

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