Our global station network supports a complete range of missions and applications including mission critical LEOP, re-orbiting, and deorbiting maneuvers.

Our launch support services include:

  • Pre-launch engineering and management effort to prepare our ground station network for the launch
  • Orbit insertion support and very critical first acquisition with the satellite and maneuvers to place the satellite in its intended orbit
  • Coverage when there is visibility, 24 by 7 availability at the Network Management Center
  • In orbit testing support, when required, to ensure that all onboard systems operate well in preparation for commissioning the satellite
  • LEOP services for geostationary and polar orbiting satellites and long duration GEO-TOS operations typically encountered with XIPS (Xenon-Ion Propulsion) technology
  • LEOP services in S-Band, X-Band at all stations and C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band at some ground station locations

LEOP – Launch and Early Orbit Services

SSC routinely manages more than 20 LEOP missions each year. These critical operations include Geostationary Transfer Orbit Service (GEO-TOS), Lunar excursion and Deep Space escape orbits, as well as Low Earth Orbiting missions for many applications.

SSC not only supports spacecraft launch operations, but also services the launch vehicle as well, and sometimes both simultaneously.  SSC possesses unique heritage and experience in this mission-critical domain

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