This information is mainly for anyone who resides in the Esrange area, Kiruna, Sweden. Final radio announcements (in Swedish) are broadcasted by Radio Norrbotten on the Kiruna FM transmitter 102.7 MHz.


Esrange are planning the launches of three rockets. One single stage rocket and two two-stage rockets. Calculated impact is in the extended Zone A for the single stage and Zone B for the other two.


It is forbidden to be inside the Zone A during a rocket launch. A map showing the Zone A can be seen below.


Launching period: 23 October - 29 November 04:00 – 16:00


Information: At launch attempt Traffic Information at radio P4 will send final messages at 06:28, 12:28, 16:28 and 21:30. Note that during evening and weekends, the broadcast may occur up to half an hour after the given time.

More information is available at or by calling +46(0)980-72000.

Within the impact area there are shelters and warning signs with maps and other relevant information.

Compensation is paid to the person who first reports the finding.

Sound and light warnings will be activate in case of dangerous operations.

Warning siren in the zone A:

─ ─ ─ Danger

─────── Danger over

The parts may contain explosives or other hazardous material and should not be touched!


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