8 February 2021

Comment on an article in The Guardian regarding the SCoPEx project for Harvard University

SSC provides services and infrastructure for sounding rocket and balloon launches, carrying many different scientific experiments within various fields. We also provide flights for testing of instruments and technologies. The purpose of the flight that is being planned from Esrange Space Center in June 2021 is to test technical equipment, it is not an active experiment.

The flight for Harvard University will only be conducted provided that it is compliant with national and international regulations. The process to ensure that the flight that is being planned is both legally compliant and ethically appropriate is ongoing. As of today we do not know whether there will be a flight or not.

SSC will not take part in any discussion whether solar geoengineering could, or should, be used in the future as a means to battle global warming.

Link to the article: The Guardian
Link to the SCoPEx-project at Harvard: Keutsch Group at Harvard - SCoPEx


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