Marcus Lindh

Marcus’ first contact with SSC was when he did his Master Thesis in the REXUS/BEXUS student program. He has now been working at SSC for three years as an electronics engineer and systems engineer. How is it to work at SSC as a new graduate and how did it all start?

Why did you start working at SSC?
I did my Master Thesis in the REXUS/BEXUS student program. I got in contact with SSC and participated in a rocket launch campaign at Esrange.  I continued to study and did my thesis on a star camera for a satellite project at KTH. During this thesis work, came up at SSC and I applied immediately. The day before the presentation of my thesis, SSC called and told me I got the job.

What do you do at SSC?
I work as an electronics designer and systems engineer. I develop, design and test circuit boards and connect them with our other systems. For rocket launches, I am responsible for all ground equipment and that all equipment onboard work smoothly and supply the best possible measurements to our researchers.

What sort of projects are you working on now?
I am primarily working on the electronics systems in our sounding rocket projects. It is a research rocket that we launch into a particular trajectory so that it reaches a few minutes of microgravity, depending on its size. Then we can carry out various scientific experiments in different areas such as biology, physics materials research, atmospheric research, etc. The results are delivered to our researchers.

What are your career development opportunities at SSC?
There are plenty of career development opportunities.  My manager encourages me to try out many different kinds of tasks. I have already worked as an electronics designer and as a project leader. Together with the marketing department, I have made videos and taken photographs of several rocket launches. We even recorded a 360-degree film onboard the MAXUS 9 rocket. Much of that material is being used by the company for PR purposes and is highly appreciated.

How would you describe SSC as an employer?
SSC gives their employees opportunities to develop and progress. As we are a small company, one gets involved in all projects from start to finish. I often contribute outside my area of responsibility, which makes me feel I constantly develop and learn new things.

What would be your future dream project?
Satellite launches from Esrange. We have recently launched MAXUS9, Europe's largest sounding rocket. It was a great challenge, so now I want to try to work at an even higher level of complexity!

Last but not least - What are your best tips for students who want to start work at SSC?

Apply for the REXUS or BEXUS programs! It is an invaluable experience in many different ways. You participate in a project's entire lifecycle and learn a lot about how to run projects in the space industry. Being involved in a rocket launch or balloon release can’t be bad, can it? There is probably no better way to learn what we do.

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