Malin Hansson Pohjanen

Malin began at SSC 26 years ago in Finance. Today, she is the head of Workplace & Collaboration Services, working on transforming a local IT organization into a global one. Despite her many years in the company, the rocket launches at Esrange still makes her excited.

What do you do at SSC?

At present, I am focused on developing our Enterprise IT. I am working on its transformation from a local IT organization to a global one.

How did you start working at SSC?

I had been working as a secretary for a while, and I saw there was a need to improve and simplify certain tasks involving a lot of manual work. I thought this was great fun, so I started to study besides work. I became the one best at handling the computer applications, and the IT department recruited me.

What progress have you made while working for SSC?

A lot. I have never stagnated. I started at SSC in an administrative role, and now I am head of a global department. During all my time at SSC, I have always had good managers who have pushed me and helped me to develop. This is just as important to me today. As long as I am making progress, I am happy. At a personal level, I am more confident and secure in my job.

What is it like working at SSC?

The community spirit is fantastic. We are rather isolated at Esrange, so it is important that everyone feels happy and I think we have done very well in that respect. Also, it is a flexible workplace, and there are no problems to work from home if having to leave early for example. We are a small company which makes changes easy to implement and not so cumbersome as in a big organization.

What motivates you at work?

Progress and development. I want to simplify things for the users and our technicians. I am also motivated by my strive to build a strong team, fostering a “we feeling” which says we can do more together than we can do each on our own.

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