Hugo Kvanta

"My experience of SSC has been incredibly positive. I have worked with things that have fascinated me for as long as I can remember." 

Why did you apply to do your Internship at SSC?
 While I have considered a career as an aerospace engineer for several years, my limited firsthand experience of the industry always made me hesitate. This internship was an opportunity for me to increase my knowledge within the field and to finally learn if the aerospace industry suited me.

What do you do as a “Tekniksprångare” at SSC?
I am an intern at the instrumentation section at Esrange Space Centre. During my first rocket was launched I was working in the telemetry station. However, I have had many opportunities to experience several different departments at SSC. During my four month internship I have visited SAMS, the Esrange Launch Team, Range Safety and SSC Solna.

What is your experience of SSC so far?
My experience has been incredibly positive. I have worked with things that have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I have also had fantastic colleagues who share my love for Space.

 What is your dream job?
I would love to work with rocketry. However, the aerospace industry is currently undergoing rapid and exiting change. Several new companies have emerged in the last few years and are now pushing the possibilities within spaceflight. So it is impossible to predict what the industry will look like in just a few years when I graduate university.

What will you do after your internship?
My internship at SSC has been part of a gap year. After high school I was not yet sure if studying engineering was the right choice for me. The incredibly positive experience I have had has convinced me to study engineering science this fall.

Last but not least - What is your Swedish favorite innovation?
Fika, without a doubt. It is when one relaxes while taking a fika that one finds solutions to the most persistent problems. As a matter of fact, one of Sweden’s noteworthy contributions to the UN Security Council has indeed been fika.

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