SSC Space US, Inc. provides space operations and ground network services.

Mission Critical Solutions

SSC Space US, Inc. is a leader in providing space operations and ground network services to global government and commercial space community through SSC PrioraNet, our global network of satellite tracking and communications stations. 

Founded as Universal Space Network (USN) by aerospace pioneer Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr., the company reflects his leadership, innovative spirit and dedication to excellence. From our U.S. network management centers in Horsham, PA, and Chantilly, VA, to SSC's global network of ground stations, SSC Space U.S. is the model for progressive engineered solutions — with a successful track record to back it up.


The final seconds before a launch are filled with anticipation and hope. The excitement is palpable. The future lies ahead.

These early moments in a mission might be the most thrilling, but every second that follows is arguably just as critical. At SSC Space US, Inc. we have made it our business to live in the details of those seconds.

Our commitment to quality service begins long before the countdown. From the moment we are called on to prepare for launch, our multidisciplinary teams build partnerships with the customer to ensure that the critical communications services will be there when needed. Each mission is planned with care and creativity, reflecting both the breadth and depth of our experience and our core principles of providing quality and reliability.

Success in space often hinges on ground control and communications. SSC has built a worldwide network of tracking stations and network control centers to provide cost-effective operations and telemetry, tracking and control services. SSC Space US, Inc. also provides spacecraft management services; ground network design, implementation and operations; and satellite service engineering support.

SSC Space US, Inc. is led by a handpicked team of the aerospace industry’s top minds. Our staff and management bring a level of excitement, intensity and professionalism to every project. And because of our unique structure, we are able to move fast, cut costs and still provide best-in-class, mission-critical services and solutions

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