SSC companies

We are proud to have these companies in SSC.

Aurora - LISA Pathfinder ESA

Aurora Technology

Aurora is a consultancy fielding a team of software engineers, spacecraft system engineers, applied physicists and scientists.

Sentinel 2A mission control

LSE Space

LSE Space is a space consultancy that supports satellite and manned missions with a wide offering of spacecraft operations and ground systems engineering services.

USN Antenna

SSC Space US, Inc.

SSC Space US, Inc. provides space operations and ground network services to the U.S, market. The company was named Universal Space Network until 1 January 2016.

Santiago Satellite Station

SSC Space Chile

The SSC Space Chile Satellite Station in Santiago has established itself as the most reputable TT&C tracking facility in the American continent.

Inuvik Satellite Station

SSC Space Canada

SSC Space Canada provides satellite operations services through its Inuvik Satellite Station.

Santiago Satellite Station

SSC Space Australia

SSC Space Australia is responsibility for the Yatharagga Satellite Station near Perth.

HPGP 1 N thruster

Space Propulsion

In our subidiary Space Propulsion we develop propulsion systems and micro components under the brands ECAPS and NanoSpace. 


SSC companies