MEMS manufacturing

Based upon our experience from development of MEMS products for space, NanoSpace can offer advanced MEMS foundry services for prototype manufacturing, small scale production, or single process step services for silicon wafers.

The key points enabling NanoSpace to provide this service to our customers are:

  • NanoSpace have access to The Ångstöm laboratory and their Micro Structure Laboratory (MSL).
  • NanoSpace have our own Automatic DRIE (placed in MSL).
  • NanoSpace personnel have experience from both development and production of MEMS devices for a variety of applications including space, life science and telecommunication.

Access to the Ångstöm laboratory and MSL

ÅngströmVia NanoSpace you get access to the Ångström Laboratory and their 2000 square meter clean room facility containing the equipment to manufacture a large range of MEMS devices.


- Cad and mask service
- Mask manufacturing (in house in the lab)
- Oxidation/Annealing
- PE-CVD oxide /nitride deposition
- Lithography (1:1)
- Wet Chemistry (KOH, BHF, Al-etch, etc)
- Metallization
   - Sputter deposition (Al, Ti, Ni, Si, Au, Cu)
   - Evaporation ( Ti, Au, Sn, Cu, Ag, Ni, Pt)
- Bonding (Fusion)
- Back-End (Dicing, electrical probing, inspection)
- DRIE (Automatic wafer handling)

Automatic DRIE equipment

NanoSpace offer access to our DRIE equipment for high performance etching of silicon. Our DRIE has automatic handling of 25 wafers for efficient small scale production. The DRIE is installed in the Ångström Laboratory's clean room where adjacent processing and inspection can be done efficiently.

Typical specification for DRIE process:

Etch rate (Si) Etch mask selectivity:

  • 6 µm/min SiO2 >200
  • 6 µm/min PR >60

MEMS manufacturing expertise

We can support you with key personell that have relevant MEMS manufacturing experience and deep knowledge in the complete chain from design and mask manufacturing to processed silicon chips, see MEMS Foundry Service.

This will guarantee your project short lead time and low manufacturing cost.


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MEMS manufacturing