Clewiston Satellite Station

26.7º North, 81.0º West

Clewiston Florida Satellite Station

Antennas and basebands

The Clewiston Satellite Station includes a single antenna with capabilities for Telemetry Tracking & Command (TT&C) and data downlink services. The station supports multiple frequency bands including S-Band uplink and X-Band downlink. The station also includes an operational office which houses system electronics and data processing equipment.


The Clewiston Satellite Station is located near Clewiston which is approximately in the center of the Florida peninsula from east to west. The station is located at 26º 44' North latitude and 81º 2' West longitude and is situated 5 m above sea level.The location is particularly advantageous for accessing low-inclination and equatorial orbiting satellites. It is frequently used for Earth observation satellites. It complements the South Point Satellite Station for low-inclination spacecraft support.


Clewiston is located near the Everglades, in the interior of Florida. It has a distinctly sub-tropical climate, with little variation of temperature from winter to summer. During winter, average temperatures are around 70º F (21º C) during daytimes and around 55º F (13º C) at night with low precipitation and low humidity. In contrast, in the summer heavy precipitation with severe thunderstorms will occur for short periods of time every day, with temperatures expected to be 90º F (32º C) during the daytime and 75º F (24º C) at night with significantly high humidity.


Clewiston Florida is serviced by two major international airports (Palm Beach and Fort Myers) which are each roughly a 1 hour drive to the satellite station. Car rental agencies and major hotels and resorts are located in and around the Florida airports as well as in the town of Clewiston.


Clewiston Satellite Station

Contacts - Satellite Management Services

Leif Österbo
Satellite Management Services
Tel. +46 8 627 64 10

Dan White
Executive Vice President Americas
Tel. +1 310 721-2294

Mats Tyni
Executive Vice President Europe,
Middle East, Africa
Tel. +46 980 7 2177

Rafael Kargren
Executive Vice President Asia, Pacific
Tel. +852 3184 0372