Microgravity payloads

Long experience and recognized expertise

SSC has a long experience and recognised expertise in developing payloads for microgravity research in different applications such as material science, fluid physics and biology.

Experiment modules and facilities

In total, SSC has built 36 experiment modules for rocket flights, 16 experiment facilities for parabolic flights, 4 Get Away Special-payloads for space shuttles, and has also delivered experiment hardware for astronaut training in the Columbus mockup and for EuroMIR -95.

Fields of development

SSC has developed experiment payloads in the fields of material, life, technical, fluid, physical and biological science as well as physical chemistry.

What we offer our customers

We offer consulting services, studies, research and development, testing, operations and management for users to perform research under microgravity conditions. We provide opportunities for researchers to conduct their experiments on sounding rockets, aircraft, unmanned spacecraft, retrievable capsules and the International Space Station. We also support users during campaign preparations, during the flight and with post-flight activities.

Microgravity payloads

Science Services-contacts

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