Launch services

Leading position on the world map of launching facilities

SSC provides launch services for most types of sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons from Esrange Space Center.

Esrange Space Center

SSC’s launch facility, Esrange Space Center, is located about 40 km east of Kiruna. Here you can find rocket launchers for various types of sounding rockets, a balloon launch pad with the size of 40 football fields, and also a restaurant and a hotel for the scientists and technicians who come here from all over the world. Launches can also take place elsewhere depending on the scientific mission requirements.

Many years of experience

With 40 years' of experience to draw upon, excellent facilities and a unique land impact area of over 5200 square kilometers, SSC can offer you advantages that are hard to beat.

Leading position

More than 550 sounding rockets and 520 stratospheric balloons have been launched from Esrange Space Center. This gives the Center a leading position on the world map of launching facilities.

More information:

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Launch services

Follow SSC Rockets & Balloons Projects

Follow some of the rockets and balloon projects at SSC via live-streaming and Twitter. Live-streaming in on during launches only.

Live-streaming (with count-down clock and Rockets and Balloons twitter feed)

SSC Rockets and Balloon Twitter


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