Expansion of Esrange – one step closer to launching small satellites RSS

11 Jan 2018

At SSC we are ready to continue the upgrade of Esrange Space Center with another important step: to implement the capability to launch small satellites into orbit. The project is called SmallSat Express and would provide a since long asked for and recommended new capability to Esrange.

Together with the Swedish National Space Agency, we presented today a detailed report to the government. The report was very positively received. At SSC we are happy that it confirms earlier conclusions on the viability of the project. We are now looking forward to a final governmental decision to start the realization of the capability.

Esrange has served Sweden and Europe well for 50 years. We have launched hundreds of sounding rockets and high-altitude balloons. A positive decision would mean another 50 successful years through new ability to meet the needs of access to space, all to help Earth benefit from space. 

Contact information:

Lennart Poromaa
Tel: +46 70 5645477 

Stefan Gustafsson
Tel: 46 705413156 

Expansion of Esrange – one step closer to launching small satellites