Preparing for MAXUS - Europe's largest sounding rocket RSS

14 Mar 2017

In the beginning of April, Europe’s largest sounding rocket will blast off from Esrange Space Center. For the first time in seven years, SSC is launching a MAXUS rocket carrying a payload that will provide microgravity conditions during 12 minutes to scientific research experiments. MAXUS 9 rocket measures 15.5 meters long, including payload and motor. The motor is now in place on the launch pad at Esrange Space Center, waiting to lift off in early April.

MAXUS 9 will carry four scientific experiment modules. The main purpose of the different experiments is to investigate different materials and processes in microgravity. The experiment modules in MAXUS 9 weigh 575 kg together. They are developed by SSC and Airbus DS under ESA contract. The launch vehicle preparations including testing and verifications of the systems have been completed. The payload with experiment modules is undergoing the final system tests in Munich before transport to Esrange Space Center.

Detailed information about MAXUS and the experiments can be found at

MAXUS 9 preparations

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Preparing for MAXUS - Europe's largest sounding rocket