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27 Mar 2017

At a ceremony at FMV's test site at Vidsel Test Range last Friday, SSC's ATS (Aerospace Test Services) staff were transferred to FMV. CEO Stefan Gardefjord gave a speech, thanking all the ATS colleagues for their great work at ATS during the past ten years.


In 2007 FMV outsourced the Vidsel activities to SSC, but after careful analysis of the agreement in 2015 FMV decided not to extend the contract and insource the activities again to FMV in 2017, which formally takes place on 31 March. The main argument for insourcing is that ATS operations are part of the FMV core business.

Gifts were exchanged and Fredrik Schäder, President of ATS, also held a speech. Mats Ström, Head of FMV Test and Evaluation, and Mats Hakkarainen, Head of FMV Vidsel Test Range, held welcome speeches.

All 38 ATS employees have accepted the offer to continue with their positions at FMV.

Picture: ATS colleagues together with SSC's CEO Stefan Gardefjord

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Aerospace Test Services transferred to FMV