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15 May 2014

Maritime surveillance fits well in product line

Sjöland & Thyselius (S&T) will be a leading global provider of maritime surveillance systems through the acquisition of SSC's (Swedish Space Cooperation) business unit Airborne Systems. The Swedish surveillance system has a global customer network and has recently attracted attention in context of the search for the missing Malaysian airliner.

Mikael Tjernlund, CEO of Sjöland & Thyselius, is very pleased about the acquisition as a strategic step in S&T's ambitions to strengthen its ability to deliver system technology solutions and increase the international presence of the company.

- By incorporating SSC's Airborne Systems we can operate with a new market segment, coast guard and maritime surveillance, which is an excellent complement to the existing business within defense, civil security and telecommunication. Ocean monitoring system used for search and rescue, detection of oil spills and sea traffic control monitoring, are of growing importance in view of the increasing maritime traffic and increased environmental awareness.

Airborne Systems has been a part of SSC's product portfolio for 35 years and has developed as a spinoff from the space activities.

- For us at SSC we are delighted that a long standing successful business will have an owner that in its overall offering work with the kind of technical solutions Airborne Systems supply, says SSC's CEO Stefan Gardefjord. With Sjöland & Thyselius Airborne Systems will be integrated in an environment with strong expertise in systems integration and this is the right time for this change of owner given that SSC is increasingly focusing its investments on advanced space services.

Sjöland & Thyselius was founded in 1989 as a company specializing in defense and IT system solutions. The company has for 20 years offered both expertise and total solutions comprising hardware, software, installation and service. In recent years, the company has increased its international presence and focus on total solutions covering the supply of customized system based on commercial products.

S & T's core competence is in systems integration, communication, sensors, signal processing and education, also essential
areas of coastal surveillance systems like MSS 6000 and this ensures synergies.


Mikael Tjernlund, CEO Sjöland & Thyselius, +46 70 937 97 20,
Stefan Gardefjord, CEO SSC, +46 73 398 00 05,


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