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24 Apr 2014

Aurora and LSE Space are successfully delivering the ESA ISS Payload Safety Review Panel (PSRP) Engineering Support Service. This service, supporting the ESA PSRP, commenced on 1 January 2014 and is provided by four Aurora/LSE Space engineers. This three-year contract is progressing smoothly and all deliverables in Quarter 1 were provided to ESA satisfactorily and on time.

The team work alongside technical experts (ESA TEC directorate) from several disciplines: structures, EMC, electrical/avionics, thermal, batteries, mechanisms, materials, biology and optoelectronics.

The ESA PSRP is the safety certification authority for payloads launched in ESA, NASA, JAXA and RSC-E vehicles and operated in ESA or NASA elements of the ISS. The Engineering Support Service team role is to coordinate with the various ESA Projects and provide technical and administrative support to the Safety Review Panel.  This covers a range of activities such as: advising Projects on safety requirements, making preliminary safety assessments, collecting comments and findings in support of PSRP safety reviews, organizing and supporting safety reviews, following-up safety verifications closeout process up to the launch.

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ISS PSRP Service Contract off to a good start