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10 Apr 2013

Around six minutes of microgravity

On April 12, at 04.25 UTC, TEXUS 50 was launched from Esrange Space Center, Kiruna.

Launch of TEXUS 50The rocket was launched from Esrange Space Center on April 12, 2013 at 04.25 UTC.

Maximum altitude reached was 261 km and it landed 28 km north of Esrange Space Center.

Recovery is on-going and the payload will be brought back to the base for analysis.

Preparations will start for launch of TEXUS 51, which is planned to be launched in the end of next week.



The TEXUS programme started in 1977 and is carried out at Esrange Space Center jointly by DLR, EADS Astrium, Kayser-Threde and SSC.

The TEXUS project is a sounding rocket program with the primary aim to investigate the properties and behavior of materials, chemicals and biological substances in a microgravity environment. The TEXUS program gives around six minutes of microgravity

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SSC campaign page for TEXUS 50/51       

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