Strong earnings improvement for SSC RSS

14 Feb 2013

SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) made, during 2012, its best operating results since 2003. Behind the development are increases in sales and efficiency improvements generating cost cuts.

Net operating income was 26 MSEK (-112) and the Group's profit after net financial items and taxes was 7.7 MSEK (-122.5). 

The company operates the Swedish space facility Esrange Space Center in Kiruna, which is essentially a support unit to the international space research community. SSC plans to further develop Esrange Space Center and in addition to providing launch services for sounding rockets SSC is also looking at the possibility of launching small satellites into orbit.

Other SSC divisions work globally with advanced space services such as satellite control and signal reception operating the world's largest civilian network for that purpose. SSC operates in 11 countries.

The subsidiary ECAPS has for several years been working on development and sales of a more environmentally friendly fuel and propulsion systems for spacecraft to replace the highly toxic hydrazine which is used today. In 2012, SSC received the first order for this system.

Stefan Gardefjord, CEO of SSC since May 2012, comments that the demand for advanced space services is growing with increased presence of satellite systems.

- SSC is both a performer of Swedish space policy and has through acquisitions had an opportunity to develop services that are attractive on the international market.

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