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18 Oct 2013

Instruments switched off on Saturday 18th Oct. Mission ends on Wednesday 23rd Oct.

These operations take place from ESOC's main control room. Planck mission final day will be on Wednesday 23rd October 2013, with the engines' switch-off command being sent by the Flight Control Team.

LSE Space Spacecraft Operations Engineers and analysts are taking part in these mission's final phases as part of ESOC Planck Flight Control Team.
LSE Space has supported Planck (and its twin mission Herschel, which shared the same launch vector) since the very first preparation phase, from 2004 until today.
During these years around ten LSE Space staff contributed to the mission, from both ESTEC and ESOC, with various roles like Ground Segment Engineers, Spacecraft Operations Engineers, Ground Station Engineers and Analysts.

Aurora Technology has supported Planck through the provision of the community support scientist since 2009. A recent contribution was as one of the four local organising committee for the 47th ESLAB symposium at ESTEC in April 2013.  The support to the Planck Legacy Archive (PLA) and scientific publications will continue to utilise the Planck data through the post operations phase.

Read more about LSE Space and Aurora support to Herschel&Planck.

Read about Planck instruments' switch-off on ESOC's blog.

Read about the importance of Planck's results for science on ESA's official website.

Image: ESA. Image top right: Max Planck, to whom the mission is dedicated.

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