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21 Nov 2013

SSC Engineering Services teams intensify their support.

ESA's mission launch scheduled for 22thNovember.

LSE Space, Aurora Technology and the Kiruna EKS-Team, i.e. the SSC Engineering Services division, intensify their support.

Several LSE Space engineers are deployed on the Swarm 3-satellite magnetic field mission. As members of the ESOC Swarm Flight Control Team based in Germany, LSE Space engineers have participated in the mission's preparation and the recent intensive simulation campaign up to the dress-rehearsal on 19th Nov. Now they will support LEOP and commissioning as well as the routine phase to come. Their tasks cover AOCS, Power-Thermal&TTC and LEOP Support.

At ESTEC (NL) an LSE Space Ground Segment Validation engineer set up the local FTP server for commissioning. As a member of the EOP Swarm Project Team since 2008, a System Engineer of Aurora has supported the definition of the Ground Segment - in collaboration with teams in Project, ESOC and ESRIN - and the preparation of the Spacecraft In-orbit Operations up to and including the commissioning phase.

Support to the Swarm mission is also provided by the maintenance EKS-Team operating the ESA-ESTRACK Kiruna Station, Sweden. They will be involved for three days during the LEOP, as the station will receive all visible passes. In addition to this, the station is the prime station for Swarm in the routine phase.

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Photo: ESTRACK antenna in Kiruna. Credits: ESA-Corvaja

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