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30 Jan 2012

Complete, cost-effective concept for short duration microgravity research

MASER is a sounding rocket program for microgravity research developed and managed by SSC.

The first MASER rocket was launched in March 1987. It is a complete, cost-effective concept for short duration microgravity research with international user participation. An experienced project team runs MASER and offers experiment modules, subsystems and frequent flight opportunities.


MASER 11All 35 members of the Industrial team from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Italy has arrived to Esrange Space Center,  and so has also ESA’s technical and science project co-oordinators.  The buildup of the rocket is in progress, with the first activities of set-up of Ground Support Equipment and  check-out of service system modules and  the four experiment modules being carried out today.

The campaign participants enjoy the beautiful winter scenary under blue sky and the sun slightly above the horizon during the day. Outside temperature has varied between -37 C and -17 C during the last 48 hours. 

The first countdown is planned for February 9, 2012.

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SSC Campaign information for MASER 12

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