SSC supports simultaneous launch of Elisa, Pleiades 1A and SSOT RSS

28 Dec 2011

Launch and Early Orbit Phases finalized

"Supporting many satellite launches at the same time is complex and not without challenges."

SSC has successfully finalized its launch support to the European space industry leader Astrium and the French space agency CNES for the six satellites that were simultaneously launched 17 December on a Soyuz rocket from French Guiana. SSC has supported all satellites during their 7-10 days mission-critical Launch and Early Orbit Phases (LEOP), which have placed them into their final orbits.

The simultaneously launched satellites are the French Earth observation satellite Pleiades 1A, the four French Defense Elisa satellites and the Chilean SSOT dual civil and military satellite. Astrium was prime contractor for all six. SSC has supported these missions from its Esrange Satellite Station, which is one of the network management centres of the PrioraNet, SSC's global high-capacity ground station network. The Pleiades 1A services also included collaborative support from SSC's stations in Alaska, Australia and Chile.

"We are pleased to support CNES and Astrium in these launch operations", says Leif Österbo, President of SSC's Satellite Management Services Division. "Supporting many satellite launches at the same time is complex and not without challenges. The LEOP phase includes numerous critical maneuvers, which our staff has expertly supported. The PrioraNet is a great resource in LEOP services as it allows each customer to utilize our stations around the world in the most efficient way."

SSC will now continue to provide routine operations services as well as contingency services to these missions.


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