PHOCUS launch awaits better weather RSS

19 Jul 2011

18 instruments to study noctilucent clouds

The PHOCUS payload carries 18 instruments from eight different research groups. This makes PHOCUS the most complex rocket for atmospheric research ever sent from Esrange Space Center.
Noclilucent clouds
Noctilucent clouds seen from Stockholm.

The test count down was performed on Wednesday morning, 6 July. Since then, a few count downs have been cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions. Next attempt is currently scheduled for 21 July.

The team Preparations
Preparations  Preparations

SSC is the project manager of PHOCUS. The scientific  team is led by the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University (MISU) and the main financier is the Swedish National Space Board.

Read more about the PHOCUS campaign on this site and follow the reports (in Swedish) on Rymdkanalen.

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