Meet us at IAC 2011 RSS

26 Sep 2011

You will find us in booth # 62

We look forward to meeting you in Cape Town 3-7 October.

Please come by our booth to hear the latest about

  • Our global satellite management services
  • Balloon and sounding rocket activities
  • NanoSpace's micro systems
  • ECAPS' green propulsion

SSC Presentations

  • From VAX to Iphone: 20 years of cluster mission ground segment evolution
    (Ignacio Clerigo, LSE Space AG, Mauro Bartesaghi, Telespazio Deutschland GmbH, Mathieu Bolland, Affiliation, Jürgen Volpp, ESA)
    Wednesday 5 Oct, 15.00
    Session D1.5.7, Room TS-18

  • Latency as a driver for ground station architecture
    (Petrus Hyvönen, SSC)
    Thursday 6 Oct, 15.00
    Session B6.2.6, Room TS-07 


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