LSE Space will provide services to ARSAT. RSS

26 Jan 2011

LSE Space together with DLR have been awarded by ARSAT the provision of LEOP Mission & Flight Dynamics Services for the Arsat-1 mission.

Established by the Government of Argentina in 2006, ARSAT holds exclusive rights to operate two satellite networks at 72°W and 81°W longitude orbital slots. Aiming to develop these slots, ARSAT is planning to deploy a minimum of three telecommunication satellites designed and manufactured in Argentina by SSGAT (Geostationary Telecommunications Satellite System of Argentina).

Arsat-1 will be the first satellite of this network and will offer telecommunications, data transmission, telephone and TV services across South America. The launch is planned in the course of 2013.
LSE Space as subcontractor of DLR will support all the operations preparation phase of the LEOP up to the completion of the handover to ARSAT at the designated contractual geostationary longitude. LSE staff will be in charge for these tasks:

  • Ground Data Systems (GDS) Training
  • Mission Operations Services during the Operations Preparation Phase of the LEOP
  • Mission Operations Services during LEOP
  • Support to the DLR Flight Dynamics team.


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