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06 Jul 2011

Launch day is approaching

Within the next weeks a large balloon, 1.12 Mm3 will be launched from Esrange Space Center. The balloon will carry a scientific experiment, PoGoLite (Polarized Gamma-ray Observer) with the aim to measure polarization of soft gamma rays.

When will PoGOLite be launched?

The weather needs to be fine with stable and low winds. Every morning at 11:00, a detailed weather report is presented and if conditions for the next 24 hours look promising, the project management will decide when to start the countdown.

According to today's meeting (Wednesday 6 July) there will be a launch tonight at around 22:00 if everything works as planned. The winds are relatively low and the risk of rain is small.

Read Mark Pearcs blogg.

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Press information from the Swedish National Space Board in Swedish

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