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28 Apr 2011

All thirteen balloon launches were successful

The second part of the CNES balloon campaign is completed and the technicians and scientists are packing to go home.
The campaign started on 23 January and the first flight, the traditional "Opening Flight", was made on 15 February, in order to verify all technical systems. During the first phase of this campaign 1 technical and 3 scientific flights were performed.
The second phase started on 2 April and the remaining parts of the 9 balloons were successfully launched, one by one. The last launch took place on the night between April 30th and May 1st.
- The balloon campaign at Esrange worked fine and we reached our goals as planned, says Mr. Pierre Chadoutaud, project manager at CNES. The scientists are pleased and we also managed to perform three technical tests to develop our own launch technique. Next campaign at Esrange is scheduled for January 2012 so we are already planning to return, he concludes with a smile.
- To have CNES balloon campaigns at Esrange is routine since many years back and we have developed an effective and professional launch team together, says Anders Nystrom, project manager at Esrange Space Center. To launch balloons from Esrange Space Center offers the scientific community unique advantages thanks to the geographic location in combination with our excellent facilities and long experience within ballooning, Mr. Nystrom concludes.
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The CNES balloon campaign is completed