CEO Lars Persson to leave SSC RSS

07 Oct 2011

The SSC Group is entering a stage of transformation and growth. During 2011, SSC's satellite development division has been sold off, and the activities will now focus on commercial market segments. The Group continues to strengthen its position in the international market for satellite services. There is also great potential for SSC's other business areas, not least the rocket and balloon activities at Esrange Space Center. CEO Lars Persson has contributed strongly to this development during the last five years.

Today, the SSC Group is facing new challenges and the CEO's profile needs to be adapted to the new conditions. Therefore, the SSC Board of Directors has decided to start the recruitment of a new CEO. Lars Persson will leave his position when a new CEO has been recruited.

Each time and each stage require different leadership profiles, says the Chairman of the Board Hans Karlander. He emphasizes that Lars Persson will continue in full force until a new CEO is in place.

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