SSC Space US Management

Carefully selected for their experience and contributions to the industry, the SSC Space US, Inc. leads with confidence and skill. We’ve created a system where individuals can excel, ideas can take flight and bureaucracy has been purposely left out.


Anita M. Primo 
President, CEO and CFO

Ms. Primo joined SSC Space US, Inc. (at that time named Universal Space Network)in July 2010 and serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In this role, she leads the company's finance and administration functions that support overall business operations.

Ms. Primo has over 20 years of highly successful financial management experience in both the public and private sectors. Prior to SSC Space US, Inc., Ms. Primo served as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for SEDONA Corporation, a publicly-traded software development company.   In addition, Ms. Primo spent 9 years as the senior financial executive for Action Manufacturing, a precision ordinance defense contractor serving the U.S. and international governments and numerous domestic and international commercial firms.  Ms. Primo’s experience also includes serving as the Vice President of Finance and Administration for the Zoological Society of Philadelphia where she managed financial operations, directed business affairs and provided strategic financial planning.

Ms. Primo received a B.S. Degree in Accounting and a B.S. Degree in Business Law from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.



Tom Pirrone
Executive Vice President, Americas

Tom Pirrone was part of the Universal Space Network (USN) (now SSC Space US, Inc.) team built personally by Apollo XII Commander Pete Conrad in 1997.  In 2001, Tom created PrioraNet, a worldwide network of satellite ground stations, operated by USN in partnership with SSC which was a minority shareholder of USN at the time. 14 years later, PrioraNet provides most of the world’s space agencies with commercial satellite command and control services including support to over 100 on-orbit programs and more than 200 launches.

In 2009, USN was acquired by SSC, and since then Tom has been with SSC, leading business operations, service innovation and emerging space initiatives. Since 2015, Tom is responsible for SSC's satellite management services business in North and South America.

Tom Pirrone is a Wharton Fellow and an active contributor to the University of Pennsylvania's Master’s program for global executive education.  In addition, Tom holds a Master’s degree from Biblical Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s degree from Cairn University.


Stephen M. Tanous
Executive Vice President, Engineering

Mr. Tanous joined SSC Space US, Inc. (at that time Universal Space Network) in February 2013 as Vice President, Operations and Engineering. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing and advancing all of USN's operations and engineering activities.

Mr. Tanous has 28+ years of aerospace and defense leadership experience gained through an extensive military and private industry career. In the private sector, he most recently served a two-year term with Raytheon Corp. as Program Manager where he was responsible for developing and executing space control/space protection strategies for the Advanced Programs (AP) product line.

Mr. Tanous is a retired U.S. Air Force officer, having served 26 years in a variety of national security space-related and leadership roles, including Commander of the Air Force's first mobile and transportable space control capability; Commander of the 30th Operations and Maintenance Groups, where he led Western Range operations; and Commander of the 30th Space Wing leading spacelift and missile defense operations, as well as the Western Range. Additionally, in 2004, he was handpicked to be Director of Space Forces for the Combined Forces Air Component Commander during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, active in the planning and execution of space forces in support of combat activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his last tour, Mr. Tanous led the Air Force's Squadron Office College, and transformed the way the Air Force executed leadership training for its 36,000 junior officers.

Mr. Tanous is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and earned an MBA from the University of Nebraska.


Steve Montgomery
Executive Vice President, Operations



Erik J. Eliasen
Director, National Security Space Programs and Strategy

Mr. Eliasen joined SSC Space US, Inc. (Universal Space Network) in September 2009 after serving 20+ years in the U.S. Air Force where he gained a vast amount of satellite and space operations related experience. His varied assignments include experience as a Satellite Vehicle Operator for Milstar satellites, the Commander for the Air Force's Satellite Control Station in California, and Commander of the 1st Space Operations Squadron where he led 85 people to accomplish various dynamic satellite missions for the Air Force. Mr. Eliasen holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechanics from the US Air Force Academy, and two Masters Degrees, one in Space Operations from the Air Force Institute of Technology and the other in Management Information Systems, from the University of Montana.

As the Director for National Security Space Programs and Strategy, Mr. Eliasen's portfolio includes all business development activities related to the Air Force, Navy, Army, MDA, NRO, NGA, ORS, and DARPA activities.



Dave Massey
Senior Analyst Technical Service Development

After joining SSC Space US, Inc. (Universal Space Network) in March 1997, Mr. Massey led the technical implementation of the USN Commercial Ground Network. From April 1996 to March 1997, Mr. Massey served as director of satellite systems for GDP Space Systems, a ground station products manufacturer. Prior to that, Mr. Massey was a space systems engineer for NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center for 17 years, a career that included roles as the chief architect of the NASA Network Polar Ground Stations and the lead in the modernization of the NASA Tracking Network. He was responsible for the design and operation of the Transportable Orbital Tracking System (TOTS) and the Advanced Wallops Orbital Tracking System (AWOTS). He was also instrumental in the successful operation of TT&C services for virtually every NASA science mission since 1984.