SSC Chile operates the satellite stations in Santiago and at Punta Arenas.

Important locations in the Southern Hemisphere

SSC Chile has supported advanced space programs for more than 50 years.  It was routinely used for the US Space Shuttle missions, and currently supports both commercial and government agencies around the world exceptional ground network and hosting services.

SSC Chile operates the satellite stations in Santiago and at Punta Arenas in southern Chile. Both stations are crucial nodes in SSC's ground station network PrioraNet.

Over the years, the Santiago Satellite Station has established itself as a very reputable TT&C tracking facility on the American continent. It provides platform and data services for the execution of telemetry, tracking and command functions (TT & C). Services are driven by the needs of international customers around the world and focused on operational efficiency, a critical factor for continued competitiveness.

The Santiago Satellite Station has land and infrastructure facilities available to provide hosting and managerial services to customers who require antenna operations from this part of the world.

The same range of qualified services are provided from Punta Arenas, a location highly suitable for polar missions.

SSC Chile is governed by SSC's Satellite Management
Services Division.
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SSC Chile - Contacts

SSC Chile Autopista Los Libertadores Km 28, Peldehue
Santiago - Chile
Tel: +56 2 2698 1702
Fax: +56 2 427 1249