SSC is the parent company of the SSC Group. SSC is engaged in all business areas of the Group: satellite management, development of rockets and balloons, launching services and flight tests.

Development, launch, tests and operation of air and space systems

SSC is a comprehensive space industry active in many fields of space technology and services: from the development of novel space subsystems to launch, tests and operations.

SSC is based in Sweden but have in recent years established representative offices in China and Thailand. Our head office is in Solna (Stockholm). The other companies of the SSC Group (e.g. LSE Space, Universal Space Network, SSC Chile) are subsidiaries to SSC.

A unique contractor in space technology and services

SSC develops sounding rocket and balloon systems, including experiment equipment for research in microgravity. Forty years' experience of designing comprehensive space missions and delivering them in orbit has formed a base for our prioritised areas in satellite technology; green propulsion and miniaturised propulsion systems.  

Busy space base far north

From our facility Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden, SSC launches sounding rockets and high-altitude balloons for research in the areas of microgravity, astrophysics, astronomy and atmospheric studies.

Esrange is also one of the world's busiest civilian satellite ground stations, communicating with both telecom and scientific satellites. It is a central node in SSC's global network of ground station, PrioraNet.

We also provide both satellite and terrestrial communication services from our Teleport near Stockholm.
By combining the capacities of Esrange Space Center and the Vidsel Test Range, we also provide flight test services for aircraft and spacecraft in the largest overland test area in northern Europe.

ISO 9001:2008 certified





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