NanoSpace Capabilities

Miniaturized propulsion

NanoSpace is developing minaturized components and subsystems for space using MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology. The research and development take place using the clean room facilities at the Ångström
laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden.

Currently these products are developed at NanoSpace:

  • A miniaturized cold gas propulsion system for satellites, called micropropulsion
  • A miniaturized propellant gauging system for spacecraft
  • A miniaturized flow control system
  • Several components for use in space

NanoSpace holds a number of patents and the associated knowledge in the field.

MEMS manufacturing

Based upon our experience from development of MEMS products for space, NanoSpace can offer advanced MEMS foundry services for prototype manufacturing, small scale production, or single process step services for silicon wafers.

NanoSpace Capabilities