Miniaturized propulsion

Small pieces from Earth make big difference in Space.

NanoSpace develops a series of products for space applications. A common factor for all our products is miniaturization and innovative thinking. MEMS technology combined with highly skilled and motivated staff makes this possible.  Our products are protected by a continously growing patent portfolio.

Our products are characterized by a few guiding stars:

Size Our miniaturized components and subsystems are feasible for all kinds of spacecraft – from nanosatellites and upwards.

Material Key components made out of monocrystalline silicon for outstanding mechanical and electrical performance.

Technology MEMS technology enables extremely small and highly integrated components.

Precision Small forces and low noise give the accurate control needed in advanced space missions.

Power MEMS devices require low power and are inherently energy efficient.

Reliability Low mass, low power and small volume allow a high level of system redundancy.


NanoSpace's miniaturized propulsion system provides extremely small and precise thrust for a variety of satellite missions. Formation flying and precise attitude control are examples where thrust levels in the micro- to milli-Newton range are required. The NanoSpace micropropulsion system contains several novel and patented innovations.

NanoSpace's miniaturized propulsion system was flight demonstrated on Prisma – a European mission to demonstrate autonomous formation flying and rendezvous. The NanoSpace micropropulsion system is also being evaluated for a number of other missions. Read more...

Propellant gauging

NanoSpace is developing a gauging system to predict the residual propellant onboard satellites in orbit. The target market is medium and large satellites in Geo-synchronous orbits. The main value lies in capability to predict end-of-life with high accuracy – for a typical satellite down to a few weeks. Read more...

Flow control system

A xenon feed system for electric propulsion systems onboard satellites is presently being developed. The system will be placed between the tank and the engine to control the propellant to the ion engines. A modular building concept is applied where miniaturisation is achieved by stacking processed silicon wafers.

NanoSpace's miniaturized xenon feed system offers an order of magnitude mass savings compared with a conventional system. The xenon feed system contains several patented innovations. Read more...


NanoSpace offers a number of MEMS-based components for the space industry, e.g. pressure and temperature sensors, filters, proportional valves for fluid control, flow restrictors, and single use isolation valves. The latter is an essentially leakage-proof valve that replaces conventional pyro valves commonly used in space applications. Read more...

MEMS manufacturing

Based upon our experience from development of MEMS products for space, NanoSpace can offer advanced MEMS foundry services for prototype manufacturing, small scale production, or single process step services for silicon wafers, see MEMS Manufacturing.


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Miniaturized propulsion