Network Management Center

The hub of activities for SSC Universal Space Network

The Network Management Centers provide SSC customers with a single-point of interface to a world of ground station assets.

Our Network Management Centers (NMC) are located in Kiruna, Sweden, Horsham,PA, and Chantilly, VA. The centers are staffed around the clock to provide customers with the highest levels of service and support during all phases of a mission.

Realtime capabilities allow critical TT&C services to occur during both nominal and more intensive operations phases, such as LEOP and critical maneuvers. Voice communication with customer spacecraft operations personnel is available during all pass supports. However, some customers prefer routine operations to occur in a more automated fashion with “live” voice communications provided only when needed.

Mission data collection (data downlink) is accomplished using software and hardware systems that are proven through years of operations, providing high reliability and low cost operations. Flexible interfaces and procedures are the cornerstones of a design that truly enables the shared resource concept that Universal Space Network is built upon.

Resource management and SSC Universal Space Network system upgrades and enhancements are routinely provided by NMC technical personnel allowing the customer to benefit from the investment of many others. Configuration control, system management, and regression testing assures that system upgrades are a benefit to all with no degradation of performance on existing missions. This ensures that the NMC provides the high data integrity and ground network flexibility that our customers demand.

Here are some of the services provided by the NMC:

  • Mission Data Services
  • Real-time telemetry and command from our global ground stations
  • Mission data collection and distribution (data downlink) for science applications
  • Flexible interfaces and multiple standard protocols for interfacing and testing
  • Real-time voice communications for routine and critical operations

Contacts - Satellite Management Services

Leif Österbo
Satellite Management Services
Tel. +46 8 627 64 10

Dan White
Executive Vice President Americas
Tel. +1 310 721-2294

Patrik Melvås
Executive Vice President Europe,
Middle East, Africa
Tel. +46 8 627 6228

Alf Öskog
Business Development Director Asia, Pacific
Tel. +46 70 3322170