Inuvik Satellite Station

68º 24" North, 133º 30" West

Inuvik Satellite StationAntennas and basebands

The Inuvik Satellite Station currently houses two 13 meter antennas with capabilities for Telemetry Tracking & Command (TT&C) and data downlink services. The ground station supports multiple frequency bands including S-Band and X-Band as well as  an operational office which houses system electronics and data processing equipment. The station has recently been expanded to increase antenna capacity. 


The location above the Arctic Circle is particularly advantageous for accessing polar orbiting satellites. The Inuvik Satellite Station is an important node in SSC's Universal Space network. Its favorable location allows reception of all passes of polar orbiting satellites. When this station is used in combination with the Esrange Satellite Station, long duration passes are possible which greatly increases the amount of data that can be downlinked from a polar orbiting satellite.


Inuvik is located above the Arctic circle, in the Arctic tundra region where most of the land is permafrost and remains frozen all year round. Inuvik experiences the midnight sun in midsummer and the midwinter darkness for three weeks, with the sun re-appearing above the horizon on 6 January each year. Inuvik experiences a continental Arctic climate characterized by cool temperatures in summer and cold winters when the temperature can reach -30°C. The temperature range is approximately 50°C while the annual precipitation is about 266 mm, occurring more frequently during the summer.


Inuvik Satellite Station is roughly 3 km from the Mike Zubko Airport (YEV) and is on the route to Inuvik town center, which is 10 km further. Mike Zubko is a modern airport operated by the Government of Northwest Territories (Ministry of Transport). It is served by jet planes seven days per week, with access to international airports via Yellow Knife. There are car rental firms at the airport. Excellent accommodations are available in the town of Inuvik.


Inuvik Satellite Station

Contacts - Satellite Management Services

Leif Österbo
Satellite Management Services
Tel. +46 8 627 64 10

Dan White
Executive Vice President Americas
Tel. +1 310 721-2294

Mats Tyni
Executive Vice President Europe,
Middle East, Africa
Tel. +46 980 7 2177

Rafael Kargren
Executive Vice President Asia, Pacific
Tel. +852 3184 0372