SSC PrioraNet

The world's largest multi-mission ground station network

SSC PrioraNet was designed specifically to provide comprehensive communications and ground support to Earth-orbiting satellites.

SSC PrioraNet is made up of core SSC owned stations and collaborative partner stations strategically located around the world. Each station is unique in its specific application and services with some overlapping capabilities allowing customized solutions to global tracking network applications. In many cases, the ground stations are operated 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

SSC PrioraNet

SSC PrioraNet July 2015SSC PrioraNet consists of:

  • Network Management Centers: the hub of SSC PrioraNet activities, owned and operated by SSC
  • SSC core stations; owned and operated by SSC
  • Collaborative stations; owned and operated by our global partners

The network is constantly evolving with new locations continually planned and upgraded in order to meet our customers’ changing needs.

SSC PrioraNet is controlled and monitored by Network Management Centers with locations in Sweden and in the US, providing customers with a single point of access into the global network from multiple locations.



SSC PrioraNet

Contacts - Satellite Management Services

Leif Österbo
Satellite Management Services
Tel. +46 8 627 64 10

Tom Pirrone
Executive Vice President Americas
Tel. +1 (215) 416-0894

Dag Hellstenius
Executive Vice President Europe,
Middle East, Africa
Tel. +46 8 627 63 30

Rafael Krawiec
Executive Vice President Asia, Pacific
Tel. +46 8 627 63 53