Rocket programmes

Sounding rockets for microgravity experiments

SSC is offering two sounding rockets for microgravity experiments; MASER and MAXUS. Both these rockets are launched from SSC´s own launch facility Esrange Space Center in the northern part of Sweden.


MASER is an SSC sounding rocket programme with an international participation of users that provides 6-8 minutes of microgravity. The program started 1987


MAXUS is a joint venture between SSC and Astrium, Germany that provides up to 14 minutes of microgravity. The program started 1991.

More opportunities

Since 1975 we have offered consulting services, studies, research and development, testing, operations and management for users to perform research under microgravity conditions. We provide opportunities for researchers to conduct experiments on sounding rockets, aircraft, unmanned spacecraft, retrievable capsules and space shuttles.

Rocket programmes

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