Balloon missions

There are many balloon campaigns running from Esrange Space Center, both from international and national scientific programmes.

These programmes usually run for many years and the participating scientific teams visit Esrange Space Center for several years in a row to launch their payloads.

The first stratospheric balloon was launched from Esrange Space Center in 1974 and since then more than 550 scientific balloons have been launched. Launches are performed by the SSC launch team often in cooperation with the CNES launch team (France) or the CSBF launch team working for NASA (USA).

Balloon missions

Follow SSC Rockets & Balloons Projects

Follow some of the rockets and balloon projects at SSC via live-streaming and Twitter. Live-streaming in on during launches only.

Live-streaming (with count-down clock and Rockets and Balloons twitter feed)

SSC Rockets and Balloon Twitter


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