Green propulsion

We offer flight-proven high performance green propulsion

ECAPS develops complete space propulsion systems based on the patented, environmentally benign propellant LMP-103S. The HPGP systems (High Performance Green Propulsion) are tailored to meet every customer’s specific needs.

HPGP provides higher specific impulse and higher propellant density than traditional propulsion. This means reduced costs for the satellite owner, since the satellite can be fitted with a smaller, more light-weight tank, or the mission duration can be longer. Costs may also be saved thanks to the propellant’s low-toxicity, which allows for easier and less expensive shipping and handling.

In addition to individual thrusters or complete systems, ECAPS offers worldwide fueling services.
HPGP systems have this far been developed for three different thrust levels: 1 N, 5 N and 22 N. The 1 N thruster was flight-proven during the Prisma mission in 2010.

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Green propulsion

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